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Terms and Conditions

(Catalogs, Shipping & Handling, and Refunds)

We have two types of catalogs:

**Catalog items
are not considered custom made nor personally customized.

The General Catalog:  Our general catalog are all items that are available, in stock, and can be shipped in 1-3 business days.

Refunds are also refundable (the item amount +plus sales tax, where applicable).
Items must be returned in the same exact condition (in "brand new order", or for "very gently used items" in "very good order") as it (item) was carefully inspected and shipped by us, and received by you. You have up to 7-days. Shipping costs are also refunded, if customer paid for shipping
as well.
Special Order Catalog:  These are items specially requested by customers and may be shipped according to a special agreement
made with the customer and Can YOU Use This?  Separate terms and conditions will also apply under a special order agreement.

Returns: Special Order Catalog items may be charged a re-stocking fee of 25%.
*Special Order Catalog returns must be made within 10 days of delivery date; and in the same exact condition (in "brand new order" or "for very gently used" in very good order) as it was carefully inspected and shipped by us, and received by you.  There are no returns or refunds after 10-days.
Cancellations: Orders “Customized Items” during the customizing process can be canceled up to 10 days and are subject to a
30% re-stocking and cancellation fee (fees are based only upon our labor and material costs for creating your order).
Custom Designed Windows:  All Custom designed stained glass windows are covered under separate terms and conditions.       

There are no refunds or returns on any items that have been personally customized.
(“Personally customized” are items that have been personalized, i.e.. personal names, personal images and any other
personal information regarding your customized purchased order.)
Shipping and Handling:
Deliveries: Please allow up to 6-8 weeks delivery on military catalog items such as stained glass heraldic crests, and insignias, etc., and some special orders such as family coat-of-arms (as agreed by customer and Can YOU Use This?) also, under separate agreement.
  *Note: Military catalog Items up to size 24” X 36” please allow for an additional 7-8 days.
           *Custom made items such as stained glass windows up to size 24” X 36” are usually shipped within a few days after completion.
ALL Stained glass windows are specially shipped to you (wood-crated with extra-heavy padding and unpacking instructions).
*A handling fee may also be applied.
Shipping by USPS (United States Postal Services) Priority Mail, or USPS Express.  
*Important - (We recommend on some orders you inspect the merchandise carefully before accepting your order,
if questionable, from our carriers.)
at 1-888-963-0133 or (267) 961-3181  Customer Service, or Email us at contactus@canyouusethis.com
If you live in our local area within 15-20 miles, Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA, delivery on  stained glass windows is free of charge!
Other orders $500.00 and over within 15-20 miles of Horsham, Pennsylvania deliveries are also free of charge (by one of our carriers, or Can YOU Use This?).

Our In-Stock Store items are shipped within 1-3 business days of placing your order, by one of our freight carriers listed above.
Shipping charges: Shipping charges will be added to your order (which are determined by your item’s
 weight, size, and your delivery location from one of our freight carriers listed above).
All payment balances and shipping charges are due prior to shipping.  You will be notified by one of our customer service representatives when your order is ready for shipping via both telephone and e-mail.  
Payments:  We use Paypal, Inc. as a financial payment source for our customer payment transactions and payment arrangements. Special payment arrangements are made and agreed with customer and Can YOU Use This?
(About Paypal, Inc.)  Accepts most payments i.e., Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others.  They do accept other payment methods.
   A.  Payments: All general catalog items are to be made payable-in-full before shipping.
All “regularly or general stocked items”  (NOT special order catalog or custom)  are payable-in-full and shipped within 1-3 business days.
Payment Confirmations:  After making your purchase you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail which includes all pertinent information regarding your order, also any balances due on installment payments which also includes shipping costs.
*Installment payments: Installment payments are payments that can be made on specified orders, and upon our approval, in the amount of $500.00 USD or more.
 *Installment payments are 50% (meaning half) of the purchased item’s total cost (which also includes the item’s sales tax)
50% calculated partially and added to each installment payment, as payments are being made; and until your purchased item amount equals the FINAL TOTAL ORDER PAYMENT AMOUNT IS IN-FULL.   Your shipping charges will be included also in addition to the final purchase installment payment of your order.
Optional items:   All optional items are an additional cost.  Optional items NOT  chosen or selected on an order
template will simply be given a complimentary colored glass and will be left blank!  You may contact us about available colors
up to one week of placing your order (Recommended).
Our toll free number is 1-888 963-0133 -or-  via e-mail:  contactus@canyouusethis.com

No refunds on “Return Order Shipping Charges, unless applicable”.   

"We value ALL of your business!"
CUSTOMER SERVICE:  1 (888) 963-0133

AUTHOR: Can You Use This?

Email: contactus@canyouusethis.com

"We are a family of artists and entreprenaurs located in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. who delight in creating and selling merchandise made especially for you!"

Privacy Policy:  We value your business!

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